Our Work

The Problem

Sub-Saharan Africa has over 12 million orphans and vulnerable children with the majority of that population under the age of 15 years old. Ghanaian children count for 1 million of this population and out of this only 4,500 of these children live in orphanages (UNICEF 2010).

Ghana has a very young population, demographically speaking, with 40% of its population under the age of 14. In terms of economic growth, the country has seen a significant increase compared to other countries in the region but unfortunately, many of its young citizens are yet to benefit from this.


The Role of An Orphanage

Orphanages are designed to give a safe environment in which children can grow. 

Ghana and many other countries have failed to test how effective these child institutions are despite being places heavily relied upon to raise up the future generation and children who lack the support necessary for their development. A simple google search will reveal the numerous headlines of Ghana’s misconduct and neglect revealed in many of these orphanages which begs the question as to whether or not these institutions are providing the care and socilisation that children need at a tender age.

Not enough is being done to rectify the issue. The matter of the fact is that these children will in some way, shape or form contribute to the economy in the next 20 to 30 years. 

If Ghana is going to continue developing, then developments in human capital development are critical, such change must begin at the grass roots.

The Solution

We are committed to providing the kind of practical, action-orientated approach that is necessary to drive the necessary change these children need. We say our tagline is…

Creating a better future for the children of today

and we aim to do this by providing children living in orphanages with the tools and equipment to ensure they are fed, clothed, healthy and warm at night. Living the lives they deserve. At Visibility Africa, our passion and determination stems from genuine concern for the future of the continent who need support during their formative years.

These are children waiting for the opportunity to learn, grow and become future leaders and teachers. Help us create a better future by giving the life changing gift of education, medical attention and a safe place to call their home.


Help us change their world, and the orphanage, for good.